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posted on 07 Sep 2013 04:06 by nataliekong785
Web hosting is definitely an online sites that is presented by companies that are known as web hosting companies or hosting providers. This service is supplied to individuals or organizations that need to have their websites hosted. The main purpose of hosting websites would be to make sure they are accessible by the largest number of visitors all over the world online. So, if you have an internet site and want to boost the number of its visitors, then you will want to get a merchant account for hosting your site on the internet and for growing your business.

A hosting service is presented for business owners to grow their business and boost the number of visitors for the website, but sometimes hosts become useless and cause loss rather than being beneficial and profitable. There are too many reasons that force you to improve your host and move your website to a new host company for example low speed, ignoring questions and requests, old versions of tools and applications which are neglected and are not updated, decreasing the amount of space that is allocated for the website and data, lack of security, bad technical support and lack of customer support. All of these problems result in searching for a new host and moving or transferring website for it.

For altering your current host, you have first to determine the best host that meets your needs and requirements and sign up without leaving your old or current web host and without telling them that you plan to leave in order to avoid losing your site and knowledge. Then, you will have to download all the files and data of your website which exist around the old host and upload these to the new host. Ensure that there's a backup for that files and data that you simply uploaded towards the new host to make sure they are safe. Finally, you are able to transfer your domain name which is the last step after making sure that the website already exists on the new host and works in a good way.

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The process of transferring websites and domains from one host to another is really complicated, tiring and may result in the risk of losing data and files in your website during transferring. There are several of the greatest hosting providers that offer to transfer your site and website name from your old location of the brand new one. One of these perfect hosting providers is "Web Hosting Hub" that facilitates the process of transferring your website quickly and easily and offers free domain transfer without any downtime, without exerting a huge effort or spending a long time and losing data and files. The process is accomplished through using a temporary URL for uploading the files of your website and creating email accounts.

So, to be able to move your website and transfer your domain name from your current bad location of a different one, you have to make moving your website unknown for the current host. Do not forget to transfer your website name to the new host as the last step.